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Yan Stavisski | Travel Hacking And Managing Your Credit

Damn Good Day 

Just the other day I was looking into how many credit card points I have accumulated and was blown away to see how just using a piece of plastic instead of cash could have so many benefits. I thought? Why doesn’t everyone use credit cards? now on the flip side, I also know several people that have had credit cards turn against them due to a lack of fundamental knowledge of how they work.

This is what led me to search the internet to find someone who could educate myself and our audience on how credit works. I did not expect to meet someone who not only is a credit expert and travel hacker but someone who quickly became a great friend. Let me tell you a bit about today’s guest, Yan Stavisiki.

When Yan was just 21 years old he started 5 businesses at once with no income or job at the time. He was leveraging credit which he believed was the move at the time. Fast forward some time later and he is 82,000 in debt and paying 4k a month on just the interest on that debt. This Led Yan to the grim reality that he had to make a new plan asap. This experience led him to learn credit repair as he worked to repair a 490 credit score.

Fast forward to today – Yan has learned the art of travel hacking where he teaches people how to travel hack anywhere around the world. You literally see him in a  different country every couple of days straight living the dream and teaching others how to do the same. Today, Yan lives in paradise with 4 other entrepreneurs who all push each other to be better and achieve more. I recorded this podcast live in Yan’s house and highly recommend you watch the youtube version of this podcast as well.

In this episode, we discuss:

  1. How to Travel hack so you can travel anywhere in the world for next to nothing.
  2. How to navigate debt and get rid of it once and for all.
  3. How do deal with collection companies calling and harassing you?
  4. And How to leverage the bank’s money to finance new investments

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