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Damn Good Day 

Todd Falcone is an incredible trainer in the direct sales profession.

He regularly conducts training events, conference calls, and webinars in front of tens of thousands of people all around the world, and has spoken now in over 25 countries to audiences of over 10,000 people.

He is the President of Reach4Success, LLC, and is the author of several powerful training programs and books, Little Black Book of Scripts, Fearless Networking, and Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals

Work hard play Hard
Fearless Networker by Todd Falcone

Here is a link to Todd Falcone’s book, Fearless Networker

Work Hard Play Hard All The Way To The Top

On today’s episode, Todd speaks about
1. How to avoid the common pitfalls people make when starting a business
2. Creating constant content and meeting deadlines
3. Learning to prospect and recruit your way out of any decline
4. And qualities you could look for in a trainer and leader.

Todd Falcone
Todd Falcone speaking

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