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Tara Youngblood | The Ultimate Guide to Your Best Sleep Ever

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Sleep is such an integral part of life, yet so often the importance of it gets overlooked.

After the death of her son in 2008, Tara Youngblood suffered from insomnia and depression. Determined to find her way out, she spent over 10,000 hours studying the science of sleep. Applying her analytical skills from her physics and engineering background, combining multiple disciplines – including alternative medicine, and sleep diagnostics – her research led to a solution and over a dozen patent filings.

Tara Youngblood is the co-founder of Chili Technology, a company providing restorative sleep products. She contributes to the strategic direction and daily operations of Chili Technology. Their OOLER mattress pad was named Product of the Year for 2019 by Tech News World and the chiliPAD was named a Best Wellness Product for Powerful Moms in Business by Forbes.

As a sleep geek and expert in sleep science, she works with leading international researchers to further studies on sleep and explore ways to make sleep easier. She has connected over 70 research papers to the effects of temperature and sleep quality as the basis for over a dozen patents and sleep studies. Her book, Reprogram Your Sleep, is a best seller on Amazon.

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