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Spencer Taylor | Changing The World Of Education

Damn Good Day 

Today’s guest, Spencer Taylor is the epitome of someone who turned his dreams into a reality. Spencer got his start in networking with a direct sales company. From there, Spencer began working with the co-author of “The Secret,” Bob Proctor. Bob is one of the leading figures in teaching the “law of attraction” giving Spencer a front-row seat to his teachings. Spencer went on to learn from Shaolin monks which gave him a unique perspective on life.

Additionally, Spencer co-founded a self-help and self-appreciation company called Vybe Source.

VYBE stands for, “Visualize Yourself Better Everyday.”

Their Instagram boasts almost 1 Million followers and gives daily affirmations to help you grow.

Spencer also Co-Hosts (alongside Youtube Star Logan Paul), the podcast, “Impulsive.” Most impressively, Spencer is a Documentary filmmaker whose done work on raising awareness for mental health, climate change, and soon-to-be education. Spencer rented a 36-foot tour bus to tour the United States while interviewing key figures in the education space to redefine education as we know it.

In this episode: we discuss the:

  1. The issues plaguing the education system and solutions to solve it
  2. The evolution of Documentaries and how they can help change the world of education.
  3. The relation between the mind and what you put into your body.
  4. and Understanding the meaning behind positive thinking and the law of attraction

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