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Shaun Moore | Machine Learning, Facial Recognition, And AI

Damn Good Day 

Prior to Trueface, Shaun co-founded 2 startups in the content and mobile application space. Has been Featured in TechCrunch, Forbes, CBS, WSJ, Mashable, CNet, and others. And regularly participates in international communities for the advancement of global entrepreneurship. Shaun Moore gives his input on many controversial subjects storming the media. These include,

  1. Government versus commercial use
  2. Real-time use versus analysis of recorded footage
  3. Transparency and benchmarks
  4. How China is using machine vision and insights into how much further ahead China is.
  5. pt-in use (where identification is used to provide access) versus recognition (where identification is used to stop, prevent or limit someone)

Shaun Moore mentioned the following about Trueface in an article. “There are bad people. We have turned down multiple clients where their use of the technology was not aligned with what we wanted to do.” It would be hard for companies to hide their planned use for such technology, he argues, because “we spend six months at a minimum with clients. If they were trying to deceive us, we would know it, and just shut it down.”

Other topics discussed include:

  1. The Future of AI and Machine Learning
  2. Concerns over Data Storage, Racial Bias, and China
  3. The recent Viral App FaceApp AND CONCERNS OVER DATA PRIVACY
  4. And so much much more

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