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Damn Good Day 

Shane is the Co-founder of Organo Gold International. Furthermore, Shane started his journey being an enthusiastic student of Napoleon Hill’s principles when he was 19 years old. On top of buying his first home at only 19, Shane went on to become the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a major printing firm in Ottawa, Canada at the age of 25 and assisted with and helped streamline the launching of the world’s first North American television network dedicated to success.

Shane has worked directly with some of the industry’s most high-profile speakers and trainers including Anthony Robbins, ZigZiglar, Jim Rhon, Les Brown, Dr. Mark Victor Hansen.

On top of that Shane is on the advisory board of a monetary system and travels the world speaking to tens of thousands of people a month.

What Goes into Building a Billion-Dollar Business?

In this episode, Shane discusses:
1. The Foundation that led him to build a billion-dollar business in 5 years.
2. Daily methods of operations to maximize your productivity
3. The importance of personal development in building a business.
4. Tips to improve mental cognitive and performance.

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