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Samantha Sagot | The Human Onion And Viral Communities

Damn Good Day 

Samantha Sagot is a Doctor of Chiropractic by trade although she decided to fight for an extraordinary lifestyle at a young age and become her own boss.

Her story of taking a $208 investment and turning it into over $3 million in less than 7 years is pretty amazing.

She credits her success to sacrificing, going against the status quo, taking a risk at the age of 23, and fighting for her vision instead of letting life just pass on by. Samantha also has expertise in building viral communities of entrepreneurs looking to progress themselves. She dives deep into her strategies and what she has learned in her journey in this podcast.
In this episode, we discuss:
1. How to find your Niche, Make a plan, Then Excuse that plan.
2. The 3 pillars to building a successful community
3. Her 15-minute secret to peeling back a human’s onion.
4. And tips on building viral communities

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