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Sam Bakhtiar | War Refugee, Bodybuilder & Franchise Owner

Damn Good Day 

Today we learn how a poor refugee child from the war-stricken country Iran, came to America and is living the ultimate American dream. Sam is the co-founder of The Camp Transformation Center, a fitness franchising business, and the CEO of One Percent Nutrition – a supplement and nutrition company. Last year Dr. Saman Bakhtiar made over 54 million in revenue.

To give you an idea of where he came from – In 2009 – His house was in foreclosure, his ex-wife was then pregnant with their 1st child, and while on the verge of brokenness, his idea of Camp Transformation Center was born with his business partners. Currently, the Camp Transformation Center is a multi-million franchise with close to 110 branches all over the US.

In this episode, we discuss:
1. The thought process when trying to franchise a business.
2. Pulling yourself out of a hole both financially and spiritually.
3. Building your brand in a way that scales.
4. And how having children brings about a whole new level of personal growth.

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