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Damn Good Day 

Have you ever heard anyone say, “Oh I can’t do that because, Oh I’m not a salesman.?” And then they go on to sell you on how they aren’t a salesperson? I see that all the time. That self-limiting belief that certain people were born a sale guru and raised by the dragons of Khaleesi to be natural salespeople.

I am under the personal opinion that everyone is in sales in one-way shape or form.

Understanding this will prepare you to be better equipped to accomplish whatever goal you are looking for. Even if it is as small as trying to get the clerk at the local 7/11 to trade your $1 for 4 quarters to do laundry without making a purchase. Sales skills are Magical for all aspects of life and that is why I am stoked to have today’s guest Ryan Williams on the podcast.

Learn how an average person can become a sales guru

I first met Ryan during my time going through the 500 Startups accelerator program with my company Trueface. Ryan gave a talk about how to find your Ideal customer profile along with buyer personas and I was hooked to his teaching style and his ways of explaining things. Ryan’s story is an epic one that is highly unusual in terms of a typical career.

Ryan started off as a social studies teacher for many years but had this urge to do more to help more kids at once so he Got into fundraising for the boys and girls club raising Millions of dollars for them.

That led to becoming a sales trainer at a few massive startups. Now Ryan is an executive coach for clients such as navy seals, fortune 1000, Startups, and more.

On today’s episode, Ryan speaks about:

  1. How important culture is to predict the future growth of a sales organization.
  2. Ryan’s unique philosophy on education as it pertains to college.
  3. How to get yourself to stand out from the pack.
  4. What does it really mean to be a sales guru?
  5. What to look for to create a seamless sales cycle that doesn’t waste your time
  6. An insight into the minds of Fighter pilots and Navy Seals upon entering the open Market.

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Sales Guru
Ryan teaches how you can become your own sales guru

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