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Rozaliya Heinen | Journey To Enlightenment And Crystal Healing

Damn Good Day 

Rozaliya Heinen originally comes from Bulgaria, Europe, and currently lives and works in both Bali and Los Angeles, California. For 13 years she successfully managed one of Bulgaria’s largest fashion and modeling agencies. Her agency was also a leading producer for fashion television programs and contests. Rozaliya became a highly respected leader in her country’s fashion industry.

Soon after, Rozaliya began her personal journey of self-discovery and growth through practicing Holistic Medicine. She studied a great variety of methods such as working with the inner child, crystal therapy, and other holistic practices. Life has a way of guiding us to exactly where we need to be. In 2006, Rozaliya visited Bali for the first time and decided to leave her successful career behind and focus on something greater, living for 2 years in seclusion, fasting, and sacred silence. This unlocked her inner world and she immersed herself, discovering the depth of Crystal Healing, Sacral Geometry, and Symbols.

In 2009 she began working with her first Dzogchen (Atiyoga) teacher. She studied and practiced in Nepal and Bhutan for 8 years with several great Masters. During this period she modified different methods of Holistic Therapies and Crystal Healing to help people overcome their fears of transformation and to find harmony in relative reality.

In this episode, we discuss:
1. What it means to reach enlightenment
2. What, why, and how regarding taking a vow for 2-years of silence? To be clear this means no talking whatsoever for 2-years
3. Online vs. storefronts when building a business
4. and The powerful effects of meditation

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