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Rob Sperry | Defining Your Daily Method Of Operations

Damn Good Day 

This conversation with Rob Sperry was nothing short of excellent. On the outside, Rob has a beautiful family with 4 kids and runs multiple massive Facebook groups full of A-list leaders that he started from scratch.

You’ll find him on social media tending to enjoy posting funny truth bombs on various issues that plague the world.

What I find very unique about Rob is he comes off as a super normal guy. Sometimes we have guests on the show that are just so extraordinary that you think, “I could never do what they do.” However, Rob is the exception. Rob is the definition of someone that became consistent at being consistent and now his life is legit a dream come true.

Learn How To Define Your Minimums

I particularly loved how he spoke about a concept called, “Defining your minimums.” What’re you gonna do every single day no matter what your current mood is at? Rob also speaks on:

  1. The recipe for creating a paid subscriber Facebook group.
  2. The process he took to organize his life through outsourcing.
  3. How to be consistent with using grit to get to where you want to be.
  4. How to make your daily method of operations work for you.

You can find Rob’s book, “The Game of Networking,” here.

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