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Richard Corbett | Spinal Cord Injury & Wheels2Walking

Damn Good Day 

Richard Corbett makes videos for newly injured wheelchair users, to help improve their quality of life, and regain independence.

The transition for new wheelchair users isn’t easy, and unfortunately, Richard Corbett experienced it firsthand nearly a decade ago.

Realizing he had an opportunity to help others, Richard created a YouTube channel dedicated to guiding the newly injured through the difficult early stages, offering inspiration and valuable insight along the way.

Wheels2Walking currently has 70K+ subscribers on YouTube with another 15K+ Instagram followers. Both are full of videos teaching basic wheelchair use, new ways to complete everyday things, trying new wheelchair technology, and even tutorials on how to pop a wheelie.

Their YouTube channel and brand have blown up.

Richard and his partner Andrew have recently won the Shorty Award in Health & Wellness. Though Richard is the face on the videos, it wouldn’t happen without Andrew Deitsch, who does all the filming and behind the scene works. This duo is set to take the world by storm in a unique niche fueled by big hearts, and guys that love to do what they do.

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