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Peter Taunton | Building A Global Franchise

Damn Good Day 

Peter Taunton is the Founder and Chairman of the Board at Liftbrands.com. They now have over 6000 locations in 28 countries. The franchising model has always been super interesting to me so in today’s episode, Peter breaks down how it all started with just 1 store and an idea. More impressively he is just such a great person all around. For example, When Peter does consulting he charges $1,000 an hour. He then has his client write the check to his charity foundation and donates all the proceeds.

In this episode, we discuss:
1. How To Build A Global Franchise with over 6,000 locations.
2. Creating work-life balance when managing a large team.
3. and the importance of connecting with people from all different backgrounds and financial means.

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