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Nadya Melton | Upgrading Your Marketing

Damn Good Day 

Upgrading your marketing is essential to building your personal brand and attracting people to you. Nadya Melton is an expert at teaching people how to get out of their own way and begin building a personal brand.

Nadya Melton is one of the most distinguished Home Business Experts and Lifestyle Coaches in the Network Marketing industry.

After spending years building her business using traditional methods, Nadya realized that the cost they had to pay was too high and it was taking a toll on their family.

This led them to explore and develop various online marketing strategies to become 7-figure earners while working from home and spending time with their children.

Over the past two years, her organization has brought in over $50 million in sales, and just in the last year, their team has brought in close to 8,000 new social marketers and over 114,000 new customers! All Online.

The Meltons have created Multiple streams of income and a picture-perfect lifestyle which was a difficult and challenging road.

In this episode, you will learn

  1. How to take control of your time through outsourcing
  2. Why in business and marketing, Money follows eyeballs
  3. How to attract your ideal client or prospect to you
  4. How to get past your biggest enemy, AKA yourself
  5. and of course, How to go from average to savage by upgrading your marketing

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