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My Story With Intense Sciatica Pain For 18 Months Due To A Tumor

Damn Good Day | February 25, 2024
My Story With Intense Sciatica Pain For 18 Months Due To A Tumor

Today marks 9 months of the end of the worst, most painful 2 years of my life from Sciatica.

Here’s the short story… Roughly 2 years ago, as I was crushing the stair master, I suddenly felt pinpricks in my ankle. I didn’t think much of it but a few days later a strong wave of nerve pain jolted into my left foot as I stepped over a chained fence. I assumed I should avoid activity for a few weeks under the assumption that my body would heal and thus I avoided physical activity for a few weeks.

To no avail, the pins and needles pain directed me to the doctor. An MRI on my ankle showed I had “Posterior Tibial Tendinitis” and the treatment is physical therapy every other day along with wearing a foot device to avoid pressure on my inside foot. Easy peasy.

3-months of PT later – the pain had escalated from a 3 to a 5… I mentioned to my PT that The nerve pain hurt even when sitting. “Aha!” He said, “Sounds like a back problem may be the root cause.” An MRI of my lower back revealed I had a 6mm bulging disc on my L5 S1. Bingo! We have our answer This solidified my guess that my pain was due to sciatica, essentially when a bone/disc pushes against your sciatic nerve it sends nerve pain down your back. Also, bulging discs cause roughly 95% of sciatic issues and there are many treatment options.

3 more months of PT sessions aimed at relieving pressure from my lumbar spine, combined with icing/heating pads – the pain has gone from a 5 to a 6 and I’m starting to have trouble sleeping at night due to constant jolts throughout the night. Doc mentions that in rare cases your sciatic nerve can be entangled in your butt/pelvis area (lamen terms) leading to an MRI of your Pelvis. Results were impeccable, with no red flags.

Fast forward through 6 months of the shitty days – many days/nights the nerve pain was unbearable… figured out the stomach issue and it relieved a huge weight off my chest—time for a new leg plan. The next year I had additional MRIs on my stomach, foot, on lower back, all trying to find the root cause of my excruciating leg pain.

I didn’t play sports for 2 years. I wasn’t able to run and struggled walking. I’ve had to bail on almost every event friends invited me to due to “my annoying leg pain that won’t go away”. I physically couldn’t work out without spiking the pain and making it way worse so I became a shrimpy/skinny-ass human. I lost tons of weight. The clothes didn’t fit. Lack of movement over 2 years caused a host of other issues combined with terrifying eye issues & small Intestinal bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO). The absolute worst part was not getting a good night sleep. Even on Pain pills/gabapentin I would wake up 3-5 times almost every night in excruciating nerve pain and the doctors had no answers.

This led me to have 3 epidural injections. Two in my lower spine, 1 in my ass (bursistis). I did months of cupping therapy, 2 Nerve conduction studies (NCV), physical therapy, swimming therapy, chiropractic adjustments, Acupuncture, 3 COVID tests & endless doctor visits, etc.

10 months ago I learned that when I dug my fingers deep into my lower mid-thigh at a certain spot, it would duplicate the pain in my feet. MRI (7th) on my thigh/femur revealed the culprit! The doctors were completely shocked to find that I had a Peripheral Sheath Nerve Tumor growing on and around my sciatic nerve. The bulging disc was a red herring this whole time! 2 weeks later surgery was a huge success!!!

Please don’t give up searching for answers if your going through hard health times. The WORST feeling is NOT being on a plan. Therefore, I made a YouTube video describing my journey in detail to help you with your sciatica 🙂

Today I’m going to share with you my personal story struggling with sciatica for 18 Months from a very rare cause of Sciatica. If you’re currently suffering with Sciatica, I’m so sorry. Sciatica Sucks so much. It’s debilitating, It’s painful, It’s scary and all the while doctors – Surgeons are jumping on any opt to cut you open. I created this video to outline everything I learned throughout my journey to find the root cause of my pain,

In this video, we discuss:

  • What exactly is Sciatica and what are the common root causes.
  • Sciatic due to disc bulge vs herniated discs.
  • Common causes of sciatic pain.
  • Signs & Symptoms of Sciatica.
  • My personal journey taking MRIs, EMGs, X-rays, etc.
  • Sciatica treatment explained you can try before deciding to get back surgery.


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