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My Personal Story of Struggling With SIBO for 2 Years

Damn Good Day 

SIBO caused chronic inflammation in my body. This inflammation led to a host of external ailments ranging from rashes, Hashimoto’s disease, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, gut Issues, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. After 2-years of struggling to get rid of Sibo, I finally defeated SIBO using the elemental diet and herbal antibiotics.

I share my elemental diet experience in detail in this video. I hope my story helps you conquer your small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth symptoms quickly 🙂

I share my gut updates on Damngoodday.com & via my podcast, “The Damn Good Day Show“.

Video highlights

1:15 – What is SIBO?

2:01 – My health journey leading up to SIBO diagnosis

3:04 – IBS diagnosis

3:53 – Lactulose breath test

4:35 – Rock bottom & worsening symptoms

5:38 – Overview of testing

6:35 – Low FODMAP/diet overview

7:26 – Food allergy learnings

8:10 – Liver & gallbladder learning

9:08 – Elemental diet overview

9:56 – Best book I bought about SIBO

10:52 – My 3-pronged approach to treat SIBO

12:17 – What I wish I did look back

Resources discussed in the video

‍I’ve gotten a lot of messages via my Instagram @ianlenhart from people asking me about which naturopath I recommend working with. I highly recommend Dr. Parzych (@DocParz) from the Atlantic Chiropractic Center and you can contact him at Chiroparz@gmail.com.

With that said, I think the best advice I could give you is for YOU to become the expert and not rely only on others’ opinions. Read as much as you can about the gut and develop your own opinion. Your sanity and wallet will thank you later!

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