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Damn Good Day 

Its important to note that when your health isn’t right, the good vibes get interrupted.

In my personal health journey, there are times I’ve struggled to stay positive. It is common knowledge that optimizing your health and fitness routine will lead to a happier human. Still, so many people find it difficult to change their routines for the better.

Further, Health and fitness is something that requires strong perseverance to be able to stay consistent. It’s people like Mike whose love for fitness is the perfect remedy for helping you get back on track and in the mindset to conquer.

Leveraging to create Multiple Streams of income

I’ve known Mike since college and I’ve known him always to have a love for fitness. I’m talking about life, business, and massive gains. Mike Started a fitness youtube channel years ago and takes pride in having never missed a week when he didn’t upload new content.

Mike has gone on to rack up close to 500 thousand subscribers on youtube, start a workout app, created coaching programs, an apparel line and now has clients all over the globe.

Mike's Love for Fitness has gathered Millions of views on Youtube
Mike’s Love for Fitness has gathered Millions of views on Youtube

He has set himself up so that he can live and work wherever he wants and the best part is that he is doing what he loves, helping people obtain their health goals.

On today’s episode, Mike breaks down topics such as:

  1. The pros and cons of intermittent fasting
  2. How he re-invested his early earnings to give birth to his app
  3. Strategies used to produce great content on a frequent basis
  4. Things he wishes he knew when he first got started
Mike's love for fitness
Mike notes that maintaining a good physique is important for coaching

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