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Michael Valor | Building an Automated Business System

Damn Good Day 

Looking to upgrade your business to an automated business system?

At only 24 years old Mike he has built a million-dollar business with Valor Media. He credits his previous business ventures’ lessons led to where he is today. Being self-employed taught Mike many lessons in leadership and managing people, particularly virtual assistants.

Through the method of “fail fast,” Mike learned the power of creating an automated business system with control checks to ensure proper functionality.

Mike has a deep background in philosophy and goes into great detail on topics that will have your head spinning trying to keep up. I know it’s a bold statement but I believe that Mike is one of those people that is capable of shaping the future of humanity and after listening to this podcast, you will understand what I mean.

What’s extra cool about Mr. Valor is just how real he keeps it about the mistakes he made in his career. His philosophy is that he leaves his ego at the door and admits when he makes mistakes which is very hard for any CEO let alone human in general.

Things don’t always go as planned…

Mike goes into detail about one of the most horrifying experiences he encountered in business concerning how a lack of control checks led to a social media atomic bomb that wiped out nearly his entire business. While most could never recover from such an incident, I found it fascinating how he was able to bounce back.

On today’s episode, you will learn.

  1. Why meditation needs to become a pillar in your life
  2. New advances in Marketing and advertising
  3. How to build a rock-solid company infrastructure
  4. The incredible upside of being able to employ virtual assistants
  5. and Implementing the philosophy of, “fail fast.” in your life and business.

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