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Matthias Berger | The Cold Truth Behind The Wim Hof Method

Damn Good Day 

As crazy as that sounds – Every month I hear more and more people telling me that they have begun doing Ice baths and having unbelievable results. Naturally, the idea of plunging myself into freezing cold water sounds insane and stupid but the few times I have done it have been extremely rewarding. Our creative directory Sky just recently got back from a week-long trip with the famous iceman known as Wim Hof. While in Poland, he met an incredible instructor named Matthias Berger who is certified in teaching this ice exposure otherwise known as the “Wim Hof method”. I have naturally always been curious to learn more about what people are learning from these prolonged ice exposures so I am ecstatic to tell you about today’s guest.

Born in Baden (Austria), Matthias already felt as a youth his passion for dealing with the cold. He has been a volunteer firefighter since 1996 At the age of 27 and decided to quit his job as a professional firefighter in order to become self-employed. Matthias went on to lead a company, that deals with consultation in the area of fire safety, work safety, and project control. In 2015 Matthias accidentally stumbled over Wim Hof and spent a week with the Iceman in Poland.

From then on, he would drop everything and follow weeks of training sessions with Wim Hof and his instructors. Matthias has since completed the training as an instructor in the Wim Hof method and is now a Wim Hof Method Certified Instructor.

Mathias’s experiences since becoming an instructor have been mind-boggling to me. He has helped hundreds of people conquer their fear of ice and learn the beauties that it can teach us both physically and mentally. I was beyond touched to learn about some life-changing experiences he had and am grateful he shared his heart in this podcast episode.

In this episode, we discuss:

  1. The benefits of breathe-work and ice baths.
  2. Whether or not it is possible to have a spiritual experience through breathwork? Specifically the release of (DMT)
  3. How to prepare, how long, and safety tips for doing ice baths.
  4. How we can open our minds to the Wim Hof method and feel free of judgment?
  5. And some jaw-dropping powerful experiences he has had since becoming an instructor?

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