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Marina Simone | Instagram marketing And Branding Guide

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Marina’s journey has been very inspiring to me because I’ve seen a glimpse from where she started to where she is today. Her path to online marketing guru was nothing short of movie quality and there were so many times she wanted to quit. Today, Marina regularly sees 6-figure months in her online business on top of her success inside the network marketing space. What I love about Marina is that she leads with her heart and keeps it super real. It was powerful to hear her open her heart to the challenges she has gone through and still goes through every day.

In this lesson we discuss:
1. How to scale your online business through testimonials and results.
2. How to build an online brand that resonates with your audience.
3. Understanding and implementing the value ladder into your business.
4. And the hardest challenges along with solutions that come with Instagram marketing.

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