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Lyndon Biernoff | Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

Damn Good Day 

Lyndon Biernoff has reaped the benefits of why to never judge a book by its cover. He has been a 7-figure multi-million dollar earner inside his company for over a decade and credits it partially to his ability to speak eye to eye with just about anyone. Lyndon notes that it’s important to not look at people as they are but more to look at them based off what they can become.

I found it really touching in how he goes into detail about some of the hardest times in his life including his mom’s fight with Alzheimer’s and his sons early fight to stay alive.

By building a business that pays him residual income, he has created a lifestyle where he can spend time with the ones he loves when they need him most.

On today’s episode, Lyndon covers topics such as:

  1. What were the biggest drivers to build a million dollar business
  2. His biggest fears when trying to start his business.
  3. Things he would’ve done differently
  4. Values and principles to help guide aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Why to never judge a book by its cover

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