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Luke Hessler | Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself

Damn Good Day 

As a young college kid, Luke built a 4,000 person business of predominantly young people inside the health and wellness industry, which was racking him around 30-40gs a month.

What I found so interesting back then was how Luke was a master at creating an electrifying culture that was magnetic in nature.

Luke has this phenomenal ability to make you believe you can achieve whatever you want and unlock the best version of yourself. Later in his career, Luke went on to actually start his own company inside of direct sales doing bucket list activities which for those who understand the industry is by far no easy task.

How You Can Become The Best Version Of Yourself?

I was particularly interested in Luke’s most recent traditional business, Invigor8 which founded by an incredible team of entrepreneurs. Mostly, because I find it fascinating the correlation between traditional startups and direct sales organizations.

Luke went deep into topics such as:

  1. How to master the day by Mastering your Calendar
  2. The process of becoming the best version of yourself
  3. How anyone can become an influencer
  4. Mastering your Daily activities
  5. and Building a Sass Company with your friends

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