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Discover natural methods to alleviate acid fluctuation symptoms and reclaim digestive health with Dr. Mike Parzych.

Why Choose Lowering Acid naturally?

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Lowering Acid Reflux
Lowering Acid Reflux

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Clients Who have Lowered their Acid Naturally

Desiree Arrieta

Communications director

“After years of struggling with acid fluctuations, I decided to try this online course out of desperation. This program covered all the bases. the personalized guidance and comprehensive approach not only provided relief from my symptoms but also empowered me to regain control over my health and work towards a life free from low acid issues”

Lowering Acid Reflux


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“I found Dr. Mike online and began seeing him as a chiropractor for routine adjustments. I told him I was having issues with acid management & he directed me towards this online program.  I found the program easy to follow and straight to the point. Module 4 is excellent to dive right into the plan that worked for me. Thanks Dr. Mike & Looking forward to more programs in the future.”



“I’ve had problems with Acid for years and have always battled with trying to make it go away for good. This program with Dr. Mike outlined simple steps to not only make it go away with natural supplements but to also provide a path to get off the supplements as well. It’s refreshing to learn from Mike because you can tell he cares a lot about his work and helping people.”

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Course Curriculum

Discover natural methods to alleviate acid fluctuation symptoms and reclaim digestive health with Dr. Mike Parzych. Embrace holistic strategies for long-term relief and vitality. View the entire course curriculum below to learn more.

  • What Exactly Is Acid? Start
  • Common Causes Of Acid Fluctuation Start
  • Long Term Effects  Start
  • Long Term Medication Usage Start
  • Standard Diagnostic Procedures & Testing Start
  • Bloated Bellies Start
  • Supplementation Start
  • Dietary Guidelines Start
  • Healing Your Gut Start
  • Long Term Lifestyle Modifications Start
  • Setting Realistic Goals Start
  • Case Studies Start
  • Additional Resources & Reading Material Start
  • Moving Forward Start
  • Fascia Work For Gut Health Start
  • Applied Kinesiology Start
  • Exercises For Gut Health Start

WHat are you waiting for?

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About Your Teacher and his gut health journey

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Meet Dr. Mike Parzych

Mike Parzych is a Ft. Lauderdale, FL based Chiropractor whose practice focuses on both physical & naturopathic health. Mikes journey & passion for becoming a health practitioner was born from losing his father to cancer at age 13. Mike also faced severe gut dysbiosis, acid reflux & more which he credits to regular antibiotic drug use, inflammatory prepackaged foods and the side effects of the standard American diet. Mike went onto receive his Doctor of Chiropractic from X university and has plans to open his own clinic this year.

Inflammation & Healing

As a licensed chiropractor, Mike began his career primarily seeing patients for physical conditions like back pain by performing adjustments. He discovered that many of his patients physical pain was actually a downstream effect of overall poor health. Through trial & error from working with hundreds of patients, Mike has been able to help people; eliminate chronic inflammation & providing the support needed to let the body heal itself. Mike’s goal with this course was to provide a convenient way to help his patients access all the information they need from anywhere in the world. Learn more about Mike’s story in the link below.

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It's Time To Lower your body's ACID Naturally

Enroll in Dr. Mike’s “Lowering Acid Naturally” program today and join hundreds of other students from around the world committed to making a long lasting change in their life.

Who This Course is For...

  • You are looking to lower your acid once and for all and are committed to educate yourself through step by step instructions for long lasting results.
  • You are sick & tired of being sick & tired. Your journey to health starts with the decision to put yourself first. Eliminate soul sucking habits and embrace a new lifestyle full of energy & freedom.
  • You Struggle to find a sustainable diet that is satisfying but also doesn’t completely suck the fun out of life due to fear of your body’s acid symptoms appearing.
  • You want to surround yourself within a diverse community of health conscious people that will provide accountability & resources to keep you on track long term.

Who This Course is NOT For...

  • You are looking for a “magic pill.” This is false advertising from companies promising instant relief. This program includes the necessary diet & lifestyle changes that’ll address your root cause and empower long term vitality. 
  • You have a victim mindset. The reality is that your health is no one else’s responsibility but yourself. We urge you to take control of your health by rewriting your life’s narrative to one where you are no longer a victim to your circumstances. 
  • You lack accountability. News flash, you’re not alone! There is crazy power in surrounding yourself with motivated people trying to better themselves. 
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