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Louis Cole is a YouTuber with over 2 Million subscribers Who has been travel vlogging for over 6 years. Louis has allowed people to live the adventure through his adventures when he decided to live the nomadic lifestyle and travel the world.

Having racked up over 400 Million views, Louis uses the power of video to bring his audience around the world with him.

His ability to crack into cultures and see things from a unique point of view makes him so interesting to listen to. Today, you are about to get a first-hand experience of what goes through Louis’s mind on a day to day basis.

In this episode we talk about:
1. What does it take to create daily vlogs while traveling?
2. How he bought a propeller plane and flew around the world.
3. His future of using the social good club to provide a change in the world.
4. Understanding the grassroots issues around climate change and social issues.
5. How traveling the world has changed his outlook on life.

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