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Lisa Kytosaho | Rehabilitating Wild Cheetahs in South Africa

Damn Good Day 

Despite this, Lisa has managed to build a close and beautiful relationship with the 14 cheetahs inside of the Wesern Cape Cheetah Conervation. This beautiful relationship has become a matter of fascination for many people around the world.

How did Lisa Kytosaho end up in cheetah conservation?

Lisa may seemingly appear to be snuggling and cuddling cheetahs all day. However, this perception of Lisa couldn’t be further from the truth. Lisa is better explained as the female version of Tarzan as Lisa spends her days out in the fields with the cheetahs.

For instance, Lisa teaches the cheetahs how to survive and hunt in the wild with a level of dedication that will blow your mind.

Bottom Line, we need more people like Lisa in this world. Lisa’s story will strike a chord with those that have always wanted to pursue their own dreams.

Learn what goes into cheetah conservation and how you can help

Lisa speaks on topics such as
1) The process of raising and rehabilitating cheetahs inside the western cape cheetah conservation.
2) The economics behind starting and expanding wildlife conservation efforts and the key factors behind there sustainability.
3) How to identify foundations that have the animals best interest at heart.
4) How to help in both a small and large way to help save animals around the world.

Cheetah Conservation with Lisa Kytosaho
Cheetah Conservation with Lisa Kytosaho

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