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Lisa Kytosaho | Rehabilitating Cheetahs

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Lisa Kytosaho lives with, raises, and rehabilitates cheetahs for return to the wild through the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation program in South Africa. The focus is on raising cheetahs who have been orphaned at a young age, and those who have previously been kept as house-pets. Cheetahs are nervous animals that are often unhappy in captivity and don’t like the company or presence of humans. Lisa Kytosaho is the Exception.

Despite this, Lisa has managed to build a close and beautiful relationship with the cheetahs in her care, and this beautiful relationship has become a matter of fascination for many people around the world.

Lisa joins Ian for the second time to discuss what goes on behind the scenes. You can listen to the first podcast, here. On the previous episode, Lisa discusses the steps she took to get into her program.

In one Instagram post, she notes that the relationship that she enjoys did not pop-up overnight. Furthermore, she states, it is not a relationship pursued for her personal satisfaction. She cites her passion and love of the species as her motivation. Lisa wants people to understand that her relationship with the animals is a side-effect of conservation efforts, not the main goal.

On this episode, we discuss:
1. All that goes into rehabilitating cheetahs (Including the gross stuff).
2. How to successfully pursue a career in helping wildlife.
3. The major issues facing modern-day conservation efforts.
4. How you can make yourself stand out as a candidate to work with wildlife.

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