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How To Limit The Harmful Effects Of EMF Radiation From Cell Phones & Devices

Damn Good Day | February 7, 2024
How To Limit The Harmful Effects Of EMF Radiation From Cell Phones & Devices

How Prevalent Are EMFs In Today’s Society?

I remember the first time I listened to an argument about EMFs. I was at a conference in Miami called, “Wonderland” which was based around psychedelics, mental health & longevity. These folks there were selling these giant copper cylinders for an unreal amount of money. I am always eager to hear “the pitch” behind products & the allure that makes people want to buy them so I had a natural curiosity & was itching to learn more.
The folks began telling me how there are devices out there that can block out or lessen the effects of EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies). Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are a form of radiation that arises from the movement of electrically charged particles, such as electrons. These EMFs operate on different frequencies. Low-frequency EMFs are generated by things like household appliances and power lines. High-frequency EMFS are generated by things like cell phones and wi-fi routers.
In today’s society, everyone has a phone. Your neighbors, your children, your aunt who makes the best apple pie; she likely has a phone. We are glued to our phones. We love our phones. They are the first thing we wake up to and the last thing we put down. We are swimming in an ocean of EMFs generated by the millions of devices existing in modern society. This is the first time in human evolution we have ever been subject to such a phenomenon; hence we don’t know how bad they are for us.
The issue with the argument around EMFs being harmful is that there is so little notable data or published reports that have tracked the long-term effects of EMFs. One study conducted by scientists in the year 2000 compared cancer development in cell phone users and nonusers. More than 5,000 people were tracked in 13 countries. The results were a loose connection between rates of exposure and glioma (growth of cells) forming meaning there wasn’t hard evidence concluding cell phones cause cancer.
Another study tracking data over 2 decades linking leukemia to cell phone exposure showed an increased risk of acute myeloid leukemia in workers who were exposed to high or medium levels of extremely low-frequency magnetic fields (ELF-MF). The consensus today stands that there needs to be more conclusive evidence before hard claims relating to the possible harmful effects of EMFs are drawn.
My concern here is that science & reporting typically lag many years meaning by the time conclusive evidence is found & published, it may be too late. From my own experience, there is something very unnatural about holding a phone to my ear. When I place my laptop on my lap, my whole body heats up drastically. I also tend to get this mild (not chill) sensation from my private parts that makes me want to remove said laptop and find a desk.  Something about holding EMFs close to you does feel strange.
Potential symptoms of EMF exposure can include:

  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Tiredness
  • Nausea
  • Heart Palpitation
  • Sleep troubles
  • Headaches

To be clear, these symptoms are also prevalent for thousands of other health issues so again; it’s tough to KNOW if EMFs are actually all that bad for us. What we do know is that EMF radiation is only going to get worse as connectivity increases & costs of technology decrease meaning more EMFs raining all over us.

Now let’s discuss what the Damn Good Day community can do to alleviate potential risks due to overexposure of these EMFs…

The issue with the argument around EMFs being harmful is that there is so little notable data or published reports that have tracked the long term effects of EMFs

Put Your Phone On Airplane Mode

This is a no-brainer IMO. By switching your phone to airplane mode, you will eliminate connectivity to WiFi and electromagnetic frequencies which are constantly sending signals to your phone from nearby cell phone towers and WiFi routers. Bonus points if you turn off your actual WiFi router in your home. It’s best to get into the habit of putting your phone in airplane mode whenever possible ex: grocery shopping, beach days, dog walks.

(Sleeping Tip) When I go to sleep, I put my phone on airplane mode and place it on the other side of my bedroom. This way I am forced to get out of bed before I get my morning social connectivity dopamine rush. It’s amazing how fast you’ll get up when you want to check your phone 🙂

Speaker Phone

This one was a hard pill for me to swallow because one of my all-time favorite inventions is AirPods. These magical wireless earpieces use Bluetooth to connect wirelessly allowing the most amazing multitasking possible. I love my AirPods so much that I accumulated 4 pairs & even got my dad to start using them… When you hold your phone to your head, you are blasting your brain with EMFs. Similarly when you use wireless earpieces like airpods. Therefore it is best to use Speaker Mode as much as possible to limit exposure.

I still use my AirPods when I am at the gym. The convenience is just too incredible for me to go wired. But the goal of these tips is to LIMIT EMF exposure. We can’t completely escape them unless of course, you go full wilderness, van traveling, nomadic mode (which would be pretty cool).

Barefoot Grounding

Human beings began walking the earth barefoot. It’s deep in our DNA and invokes a primal energy as you walk across the grass or dig your feet into the sand. It’s not just a hypothesis either; This study concluded that proper grounding appears to improve sleep, normalize the day-night cortisol rhythm, speed wound healing, reduce pain & stress & shift your nervous system from sympathetic to parasympathetic. Making contact with the earth’s negative ions may help tremendously to mitigate EMFs as they ground you into nature. Try to go for a walk every day (barefoot if possible) where you leave your phone at home and be present with nature and your surroundings. It is the most free form of therapy that exists!

Side Note – Many people live in homes that are not properly grounded. Meaning there is a huge increased risk of electrical fires due to excess current not being able to move down into the ground. Get your home checked for proper grounding and sleep better knowing your home is safe.

Reduce Phone Addiction

I had to include this one because I am so guilty of it 😢. Never before has a human being had access to such an addicting, dopamine-stimulating square of excitement than what we have with the modern smartphone. These devices have brought so much connectivity to friends & family and access to the internet but at the cost of social isolation and information overload. Try and set time windows when you are purposefully using your phone. 

Tip – Ever been caught in an endless “loop” where you are checking the same apps over and over? You can set app time limits on your phone so that your phone will limit use and alert you when you go over. This is very helpful to redirect your focus when you’re stuck in the matrix. 

Carry EMF-blocking technology

Companies manufacture devices that can quite literally eliminate the EMFs produced by cell phone towers & other sources of radiation while still being able to allow specific day-to-day things such as WiFi and Bluetooth to function normally. The issue with this is that it’s almost impossible to measure with our specific EMF detecting equipment and companies are rising left and right making bold claims that aren’t backed by any hard science. I’m sure we will see a lot more studies coming out shortly both for and against the harmfulness of EMFs.

About the Author: My name is Ian Lenhart. I am a holistic lifestyle coach, animal lover,  passionate podcaster & above all else; a promoter of health & happiness. Learn more about my story into wellness.


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