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Damn Good Day 

Justin can best be described as a family man, entrepreneur, author, and leadership mentor. His passion includes inspiring and impacting people with his story of overcoming obstacles to build an extraordinary life and business.

As a result, Justin has built 4 different multi-million dollar sales and marketing organizations.

Justin helped transform a company that had experienced 8 years of declining revenue. In addition, Justin has built an organization of over 200,000 people that generates well over a hundred million a year in revenue. Justin attests his success to the leadership lessons he learned when he was at rock bottom.

Learn how to apply these leadership lessons to your business.

On today’s episode, Justin speaks on:
1) How Justin built 4 different multi-million dollar sales and marketing organizations
2) His daily method of operations to drive consistent results
3) How to address a crisis in your life or business
4) How Justin helped turn around a company that had experienced 8 years of declining revenue
5) How to quit playing small and live up to your potential

Justin is a really good guy and at the ripe age of only 38, Justin is a father of 4 and is living the dream speaking on the largest stages and is only getting started.

Justin Prince and ian Lenhart on Leadership Lessons
Justin Prince and Ian Lenhart 3 1/2 years ago

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