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Justin Peterson | Winning In the New Referral Economy

Damn Good Day 

I’ve known Justin for the past 4 years or so and this man has just continued to level up. He is amongst the best public speakers inside his age demographic that I’ve seen and his content and leadership are always on-point and genuine.

Justin started a movement which was coined as the “millennial movement.”

The Millenial Movement is brilliant marketing that influenced and inspired a ton of people to think bigger. Marketing allows creators to create something out of thin air. that gives others a sense of purpose encouraging them to make moves so his initiative was a great example of this.

The New Wave is Here

Uber, Amazon, and Venmo are among a few monster companies that have thrived off of the new referral economy. For example, many Uber drivers supplement their income with driver referral rewards. In fact, some experienced drivers focus on recruiting new drivers and passengers to the Uber platform and don’t even drive anymore.

That is to say, word of mouth advertising is still the most powerful form of advertisement.

However, this model sometimes requires a large amount of capital to drive the upfront costs.

Justin speaks on topics such as
1. How to win in the new referral economy
2. How the give/get model is changing a multitude of industries.
3. Creating a rock solid foundation in which work/life balance can live in harmony
4. How to overcome the feelings of fear when just getting started.

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