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Julie Burke | Navigating The Internet Marketing Rabbit Hole

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Julie specializes in helping women business owners design an online personal brand. She does this while implementing marketing strategies that will elevate their income and create an impact. She has an incredible gift to keep things simple and streamlined and thrives in designing out smart business plans.

Julie has built 7 figure businesses both offline and online and resides in Chicago with her family. She’s a Speaker, Top Earner in her company and an Online Marketing Mentor.

She’s seen hundreds of students have breakthroughs with her coaching program and self-study programs inside The Online Freedom Academy.

One of the biggest issues she personally encountered was navigating the internet marketing rabbit hole. When she first got started online, she tried to do everything at once and quickly got overwhelmed. She goes into how by trying to do so much, she lost control of her life. She speaks about how she had to ground herself to get back into flow with what she really wanted.

Julie loves to serve others and her true passion is providing transformations and makeovers for women that are ready to break the rules, do business on their terms and grow an empire without hustling for it.

On this episode, we talk about:
1) Navigating the internet marketing rabbit hole.
2) How to become a humanizer in your business.
3) How to build your brand starting at ground zero
4) The recipe to build a million dollar online business in under a year.

For Julie’s membership link, click here!

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