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Joey Coleman | Sailing 2500 Miles To Nicaragua

Damn Good Day 

This is the epic true story of a couple that risked it all to follow their dreams

On episode 10 of the Lenjones Party of 2 Podcast, we sit down with the founders of Tw0 Guys Adventures,  Joey and Kelsey Coleman. Their story is unreal and they are absolute Role Models for the dream many of us have considered at one point in our lives.

Quit the 9-5, Escape Monotony, Sail across the world with your dream person and live in paradise in a true Hakuna Matata existence.

With every fairy tale comes serious challenges and the series of events these 2 have gone through in the past few years will just absolutely blow your mind. For starters, Joey had never owned a boat nor was much of a sailor before but went full-savage and decided to purchase an old 50-foot sailboat that had been sitting in a harbor for 15+ years rotting away. On the flip side, Kelsey had never even been on a sailboat before!

Ok, we bought a busted 50-foot sailboat… now what?

These two renovated and lived on the boat for 6 months using only youtube videos and spare parts to complete the project. After that…

They sailed 2500 miles to Nicaragua where they faced hurricane-force winds, got stranded in Acapulco, and got boarded by the Mexican military.

In this episode, you will learn,
1. The process of renovating a 50-foot sailboat with 0 experience and sailing it from San Diego to Nicaragua.
2. How to start a business from scratch in Nicaragua with the boat in complete paradise.
3. How Joey broke his spinal cord in Colombia while paragliding in an absolutely tragic fashion.
4. The challenges faced when starting a business in another country.

This Podcast is guaranteed to motivate you to follow your dreams and make moves toward your goals.

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