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Frazer Brookes | Identify and Dominate Your Business Niche

Damn Good Day 

I am excited to be joined by one of the best direct sales trainers on the planet, Frazer Brookes. Frazer has helped thousands of people around the world overcome the issue of running out of people to talk to. He created The Ninja Networker in 2017, which is a community of Marketers wanting to build their business using social media and has grown it to over 2,000 networkers in its first year! Today he spends his time traveling the world speaking.

In this podcast, we discuss:
1. The emergence of messenger bots and how you can use them in your business.
2. Overcoming self-doubt to become the person you were meant to be.
3. How to treat your life like an experiment to find what works.
4. and Staying in line with your target market and how to Dominate Your Business Niche.

Niche marketing refers to finding a highly targeted group of people where you focus solely on servicing that group’s needs.

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