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Erin Birch | How To Reprogram Your Brain

Damn Good Day 

Erin Birch is touted as one of the elite trainers inside an organization of over 10,000 online marketers and she didn’t get there by mistake. She is very vocal about her own personal transformation when she decided to quit playing small and take control of her life.

I find it personally fascinating how Erin discusses the different types of energies exist in the world as well as how she went about “reprogramming her brain.” Erin has this ability to live at such a high vibration that she can trigger emotions instantly as well as self-motivate herself to hit a specific goal.

On this episode we discuss:
1. How you can reprogram your brain to conquer health issues, personal issues, and crush it in Business
2. How to take yourself out of the victim mindset
3. And the lessons she wish she knew when getting into the online marketing world.

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