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Danelle Delgado | Becoming A World Class Influencer

Damn Good Day 

A major key to a good day is practicing gratitude. Now I personally have always smirked at the idea of having a gratitude journal.

What I found was some of the most successful people I’ve met keep a daily gratitude journal to train and program there mind to see the light in every situation.

Speaking of extraordinary people. Danelle Delgado is up there with the best. You may have seen her recently speaking on stage in front of 30 thousand people at Grant Cardone’s growthX event. Or maybe you’ve had the luxury to attend one of her live events. If so, what you would find is a supernormal human who decided to stop living small and start designing her life exactly the way she dreamed it.

Danelle’s philosophy to become a world-class influencer

Danelle started as a teacher and pastor to being forced to make a change that led her down a long route of challenges. She has taken the stage with the likes of Darren Hardy, Les Brown, Lewis Howes, Grant Cardone and more but her philosophy is what really impresses me.

Danelle believes that “First, it’s about building the person, then one can master the skills.”

After spending an hour with Danelle, I felt compelled to buy her book, “I Choose Joy.” which serves 3 purposes. First, it’s a daily gratitude tracker which Danelle details exactly how to go about this in this podcast. Second, writing down your goals for the day. and third, Writing what you’ve learned from 30 minutes of personal development each day. You can find a link to the book, here.

Becoming a world class influencer

Danelle speaks about:

  1. Her process to help people get clear to sell congruent with who they are.
  2. The power you can give someone simply through believing in them.  If you can show someone what’s possible, they rarely go back on that.
  3. How to build your business around your life (not vice versa)
  4. The power of daily gratitude and how it can reprogram your mind.
  5. And Being thankful for our challenges because they give us the greatest gift of all. Perspective.

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