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Dana Giesbrecht | 29-Year-Old Starting A Raw Food Restaurant

Damn Good Day 

Dana does a great job in opening our minds to the idea of a Raw-foods diet. I personally have never followed this kind of diet but have begun to incorporate some raw foods into my diet.

With so many “fad” diets out there, it was refreshing to hear her viewpoint on how to navigate them.

Dana teaches how to launch on Kick Starter

With the release of her Kick Starter video, Dana is raising funds to start a chain of raw food restaurants.

In this podcast, she goes into great detail on:
1)  The step-by-step processes of how she set up a business that pays her residual income.
2) Directed and produced a documentary with little help
3) Lessons she learned regarding PR and marketing
4) How you can go out there today and turn your hobby into an online business.

Dana’s energy is contagious and empowering so if you know anyone that could use that extra kick in the butt to go out and make moves on their goals and dreams, then you owe it to them to share this with them.

Dana Giesbrecht in raw food restaurant
Dana Giesbrecht in a raw food restaurant in Thailand

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