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Craig Kotter | How To Win Friends And Influence People

Damn Good Day 

Craig Kotter is the definition of a class act. After going through some intense moments early in life, Craig pushed himself outside of his comfort zone to achieve his goals. Craig has quickly become a force in the network marketing world and shows no sign of slowing down.

Craig implemented the idea of “fail fast.” This has helped him too hover around the half a million dollars a year mark for the past decade making him amongst the top earners in direct sales.

What I liked most about Craig was just how down to earth and normal he was. Craig explains that he is and has always been an introvert. Typically, those who achieve this high of an income in direct sales are extroverts. The reason is that top income earners tend to be very social people. The process of making friends and influencing people is a key growth factor in direct sales. I feel Craig is a great testament to the fact that you do not need to be born with extraordinary gifts to create your dream life.

Craig explains that you just need to follow a mentor that has already paved the way and 10x your output into an already repeatable business system.

Craig also explains how to choose a mentor and to make sure you implement what they teach. You’ll notice Craig has no negative ego and is just an overall great human that cares about the people in his life.

In today’s episode, you will learn,

  1. The importance of having a mentor.
  2. How to build inside of an extrovert-dominated industry business as an introvert.
  3. Deciding who you should spend your time with.
  4. and How to leverage powerful life events to catapult you to success.

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