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Today we are invited into the office of world-class film and TV producer, Cindy Cowan. Cindy Cowan co-founded Initial Entertainment Group (IEG) with Graham King in 1995, and it became the leading film production and foreign sales company. From 1995 till its sale to Splendid Films in 2000, IEG had many successes including an Emmy nomination for Rent-A-Kid, starring Leslie Nielson; Emmy, Golden Globe and People’s Choice nominations for If These Walls Could Talk, starring Cher, Sissy Spacek, and Demi Moore; and won a United Nations Award for Savior, starring Dennis Quaid.

Additional projects produced by Ms. Cowan while at IEG include Very Bad Things, starring Cameron Diaz and Christian Slater; and the Robert Altman-directed Dr. T & the Women, starring Richard Gere, Helen Hunt, Kate Hudson, and Liv Tyler.

Since forming her new production company, Cindy Cowan Entertainment, Cindy has produced movies like Scorched, starring Woody Harrelson and Alicia Silverstone, executive produced Fifty Dead Men Walking, starring Sir Ben Kingsley and Jim Sturgess; As well as produced Red Lights starring Robert De Niro, Cindy also finished her first low-budget horror film aimed at the digital marketplace, titled Smiley, And Recently she completed, Miracle on 42nd Street, a documentary featuring Alicia Keys, Terrence Howard and Sam Jackson

In this podcast, we discuss:
1. The Process involved in producing a Film
2. The Pros and Cons of TV Vs. Film
3. Analyzing scripts to sort the duds from the studs
4. What goes into producing 25 movies in 5 years
5. The issue of too much connectivity in today’s digital world, and so much more

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