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Damn Good Day 

Cesar Rodriguez is an absolute legend in the field of personal development. At any given time you can head over to Caesar’s Instagram and see him preaching the good word of the power of positivity and optimal lifestyle. Cesar first got introduced to entrepreneurship at the young age of 21 and fell in love with the idea of being his own boss.

He tells an epic story of how he made it big early on but the timing wasn’t right and he found himself in a freewill on the verge of losing it all.

It is these times that really test our strength and resilience as humans and Cesar is the perfect example.

Optimize Your Life Through B10XB

Cesar went on to make his first million at 29 years old. He became the owner of multiple businesses. Along with creating many courses specifically on sales techniques and closing tactics.

Cesar specializes in outsourcing his lifestyle to be geared 100% to optimal business growth.

It is really cool to see how Cesar views everyday problems people face and his methods for approaching each day with gratitude. I especially loved the 2nd half of this episode where so many golden nuggets were shared that I know so many of you will find value in.

In this episode, Cesar speaks about:

  1. How to view stepping outside your comfort zone as a social experiment
  2. The mighty gateway drug into Entrepreneurship
  3. How to optimize your life by becoming 10 times bolder in everything that you do
  4. How to recover from any failure no matter how large
  5. The power of social media and strategies to build your own personal brand.
Optimize your life by becoming 10 times bolder
Optimize your life by becoming 10 times bolder

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