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Brock Johnson | Monetizing Your Joy Through Story Marketing

Damn Good Day 

Something that separates the people making moves and people doing the mundane lies in their priorities.

Your daily actions will be a direct representation of your priorities.

Brock Johnson is a phenomenal representation of someone whose got his priorities locked down at a young age. As a full-time college quarter back, youtuber, podcaster and content creator, Brock obviously is pretty busy. You’ll learn what he does to balance life’s buckets while using story marketing to constantly sell congruent with what he believes in.

In this episode, Brock speaks about:

  1. The process to create an online course
  2. How to stay one step ahead of your audience
  3. How outsourcing has allowed him to serve more people
  4. Effective strategies to free up more of your time.
  5. How to leverage new social media platforms to get that first mover advantage.

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