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Brad Lea | Break The Rules And Repair Your Confidence

Damn Good Day 

Brad lea is the host of the dropping bombs podcast as well as the founder of LightSpeed VT. His no shits given outlook on life is as upfront and in your face as it gets. He tells you the way things are and absolutely does not sugar coat it. Brad keeps it real. No other way around it. But what I really like about Brad is that beneath the intensity of his message lays a dumpster of truth. And for some of you listeners, this episode is EXACTLY what you needed to hear to direct you onto the path you’ve been dying to believe your capable of taking.

In this podcast, we discuss

  1. How to diagnose the root cause to all of your successes and failures.
  2. The recipe to repair your confidence.
  3. How to use yourself as a measure vs. the expectations of others.
  4. and Why winning at 10 things a day can alter your life.

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