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Bob Heilig | Why B- Work Changes Lives

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After two failed businesses in seven months, Bob was at the lowest point of his career. Almost overnight, he went from being on top of the world to hitting rock bottom. He felt completely lost and devastated. There was no backup plan and he had absolutely no idea what he was going to do. Therefore, Bob completely reinvented himself and took massive action. Bob started showing up on social media, to teach and put value out into the world. He would broadcast a live video a day, every day which led to him creating his first course. Taken from his website states the following,

“At the end of my webinar, I was planning on offering a 90-day live group coaching program for $497 that I was calling the Breakthrough Academy. I can remember feeling so nervous, thinking “Is anyone actually going to pay me $500 for this?” I poured my heart and soul out for almost 2 ½ hours on the webinar and then anxiously transitioned into my offer. What happened next, I’ll forever point to as THE moment that everything began to change for me. The purchases started to pour in, one after the other. Shannon and I stayed up late that night, in disbelief of what was happening. We wound up doing an additional $82,000 in sales on the webinar, so including the registration… we made a total of $113,000.”

Bob states, “Sometimes our biggest failures are our greatest opportunities.

11 months after that first webinar, Bob had made $1 million dollars in his new online business. Still to this day he says it doesn’t even seem real to say. Bob now hosts events all over the country and is asked to speak on the largest stages in the world.

On today’s episode, we speak about:
1) How to leverage your personality by building an online coaching company.
2)Eliminating the Need for Certainty.
3) Overcoming limiting beliefs.
4) How B- work changes lives.

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