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Damn Good Day 

Amy Landino is one of the fastest-growing internet sensations. She has already built quite an impressive resume as an award-winning YouTuber, a best-selling author, and a professional keynote speaker.

After following the typical millennial safe path and securing a dream position in the corporate world, Amy discovered her passion for digital marketing, a YouTube channel facilitating communities in social media communications quickly came into focus and became a passion.

After leaving Plan A to build a life and career on her own terms, Amy created AmyTV, a YouTube series dedicated to helping you go after the life you want. This motivational lifestyle channel has amassed a community of over 200 countries contributing to more than 13 million views. 

In her new book, Good Morning Good Life, Amy shares details of how to start every day on your terms, and no, you do not need to be a morning person to do it. By following her five simple habits, you can combat morning obstacles and create the daily rituals that work best for you.

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