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Alex Morton | How To Build Momentum

Damn Good Day 

Ian first met Alex Morton 7 years ago in a company called Vemma (Vemma, WTF Happened?). Alex created many videos that went viral and ultimately helped sparked a movement known as the YPR (Young People Revolution). This was a movement targeting young people that was centered around healthy energy drinks pitching the idea of becoming your own entrepreneur.

Alex had instant success at a young age along with hundreds of young people (<30) that were earning outrageously large incomes.

Not everything was smooth sailing though. The YPR messaging was skewed and income claims were made that recieved copious amounts of criticism.

Nonetheless, Alex didn’t let temporary defeat stop him and has gone on to create one of the largest brands in the direct sales industry.

Fast forward 7 years

Alex has spoken in 80+ countries around the world, is a 2x best-selling author, and has generated over 18 million dollars in direct sales by the age of 29. Alex is an expert on the topic of how to build momentum inside a business. In this episode, we get an inside look into Alex’s thought process as he navigated tough terrain early in his career.

You will learn:

1) The mindset needed to create massive action in your business.

2) Lessons learned in finance and personal development.

3) The power of storytelling as it relates to a business.

4) Showing up every day with the right intention.

5) Navigating the entrepreneurial rollercoaster at a young age.

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